Better Health.
Less Taxes.

Happier Employees.

Enjoy cost savings every month on FICA Taxes, while keeping your current health plan at no cost to your company or employees.

$0 Copay benefit

Unlimited 24/7 virtual care

Zero dollar cost to enroll

Support a healthy and happy workplace for
your employees
Our clients save and average of $650/year per an eligible W2 employee.

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Employee Benefits

Unlocking Valuable Tax Advantages: Maximizing Employee Benefits Through Section 125.

No out-of-pocket costs preventing HealthCare


Unlimited 24/7 virtual care


Zero cost Copay & Prescriptions



Employer Benefits

Streamlining Benefits Administration: Enhancing Employer Flexibility and Cost Savings with Section 125.

Tax Savings

Enjoy significant $600/year tax advantages by offering pre-tax benefits to your employees

Competitive Edge

Attract and retain top talent by providing a comprehensive benefits package

Compliance Made Easy

Streamline benefits administration and ensure compliance with IRS regulations



What our clients say

Jenny Wilson


"I'm writing to express our sincere gratitude. Since our company enrolled in the program two years ago, we've been proud to provide it to our valued employees. Thank you for making this possible!"

Harris Benbasset


"We're delighted to announce our ongoing utilization of this program in 2021. Its effectiveness in saving both our employees and management team money on payroll taxes has been a source of great satisfaction for us."

James Simmons


"This program has truly transformed the way our team approaches health and wellness, highlighting the significance of personalized care and lifestyle habits. It serves as a powerful reminder of aspects often overlooked by many."

What is the Section 125 Plan
  • Employer save an average of $650/year per eligible employee in payroll taxes.
  • Employees gain access $0 copay doctor and urgent care visits, preventative care, mental health support, and more.
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction and Retention and support a positive workplace culture
The Section 125 Cafeteria Plan functions as a benefits buffet for employees, offering them the flexibility to select pre-tax benefits from a menu tailored to their needs, such as health insurance or flexible spending accounts. This not only saves money for employees but also benefits employers by reducing taxes.
It's a win-win situation, empowering employees with greater control over their benefits while assisting companies in tax savings
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With over a decade of expertise and a dedicated team of professionals, our groundbreaking health plans are meticulously crafted to enrich both your company and your employees, fostering enhanced physical and financial wellness without any additional expense.

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